1. My 2 last defeated S behemoths (i was level 20 and they level 40) didn’t drop a tablet (I was the host) I didn’t manage to do much damage as high levels entered the room and defeated him. It’s that a bug? Or is intended so new players cannot be helped by old ones?

    1. So when you summon a behemoth you get 1 normal summon and sometimes 3 shadow summons the normal summon on your quests will grant you tablets any shadow or summon from other people will only grant you materials to enhance those items. It’s not pointless what happened you still get materials to enhance that part try to save up gems and wait for times when you can have a ss summon Garanty and summon it 5 times for full sets you will have a ton of shadows about 15 should be but the ones that don’t say shadow will be he ones that give you tablets

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