Soul Weapons

Soul Weapons

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Soul is the third weapon type introduced in Dragon Project, after normal-type and heat-type.

The first Soul weapon introduced in Dragon Project Global is the Boundless: Bushi Slayer, a Soul Great Sword forged from the Aragami Blade Tablet.


Soul Great Sword

Forget everything you know about the Great Sword, whether it’s the Cleave of the normal-type or the Cleave combo (Pulverize) of the Heat-type.

The Soul Great Sword comes with two new Special Actions, Lethal Draw and Slayer.


Special Action 1: Lethal Draw

This lets you dart forward and attack with a lethal slash. You can stand a (small) distance away as Lethal Draw closes the distance between you and the monster.


To execute Lethal Draw, tap and hold to charge. Charging will increase the distance and damage. Once you’re ready, release to unleash.

When you’re wielding the Soul Great Sword, you’ll also get a Soul Gauge.Soul Gauge

With every successful Lethal Draw you execute, you’ll fill up the Soul Gauge. When you execute a normal attack combo (just keep tapping to unleash multiple, continuous attacks on the Behemoth), the last hit will also fill up the Soul Gauge.

Once the Soul Gauge is full, the second Special Action (Slayer) will automatically be activated and the Soul Gauge will decline over time. When it empties, Slayer mode will end.


Special Action 2: Slayer

In Slayer mode, you’ll attack at blazing speeds and with incredible power. Enjoy increased DMG & attack speed, plus reduced delay in-between combos. (This is a little similar to the Overdrive mode of the Heat Dual Blades.)



Weapon Class Special Action (Normal) Special Action (Heat) Special Action (Soul)
Great Sword Cleave Pulverize Lethal Draw


Just like before, you’ll eventually see soul weapons across the five classes of Sword & Shield, Great Sword, Spear, Dual Blades and Bow. However, the Special Actions of these weapon classes will be different.


Soul weapons are not inherently better than heat or normal weapons. Each weapon type has their own characteristics, and it’s up to you to decide if it fits your playstyle or the combat scenario.


Watch this space to learn more about soul-type weapons of other classes when they are released!

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  1. If I use Cleave Charge time armor set (time reduce), is it have effect on Lethal Draw charge time?
    because I use Aragami’s katana and random armor set with reduced charge time abilities.

    1. Hi Saprut, since update 1.2.0, the Cleave Charge ability does not have any effect on the Soul Great Sword’s Lethal Draw charge time.

      To learn more about other weapon rebalancing changes, you can watch these videos:

      Part 1
      Part 2

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