Lounge: Play with friends!

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The Lounge is a feature that’s often overlooked. But it has the potential to amplify your fun because it lets you play with friends!

What’s the Lounge for?

The Lounge allows Hunters to gather and play together. You can play with real-life friends by inviting them to join a private Lounge. (It’s much easier if you follow each other first!).

You can also create an open (public) Lounge to make new friends in Dragon Project!

Create a Lounge

Get extra rewards

When you’re in the open field, you’ll only see other Lounge members. That means you won’t have to worry about other Hunters stealing your kills in a crowded field. The best part? You can even get bonus drop rewards from your Lounge members’ kills. Just look out for the Green Chests!

Lounge – Extra rewards from green chests

Battle with friends

When you’re in a Lounge, you can choose to create a hunting party exclusively for Lounge members. Your Behemoth quest will appear on the Lounge’s Quest Board.

Lounge – Form a Behemoth hunting party with lounge members

Do also check out the Quest Board and help your Lounge members battle their Behemoths!

Lounge – Check the quest board to play with friends

Advanced technical players can even use Lounge chat to talk tactics and compare strategies before heading off to battle a powerful Behemoth.

Rally for help

If you’re in a Lounge, you’ll also see a Rally button (that looks like a hunting horn) when you’re out in the fields, or in battle.

This button lets you rally for help from Lounge members with a single tap.

Lounge – Rally for help

When tapped, your other Lounge members will receive an invitation to join you.

Lounge – Rally Invitation


More about Lounges

  • Lounges are not permanent. If everyone leaves, the Lounge gets disbanded automatically.
  • You can only be in one Lounge at a time. However, you are always free to leave and join other Lounges.
  • Only Hunters at Level 15 or higher can create or join a Lounge
  • Each Lounge can only have a maximum of 8 Hunters
  • If you’re in a Lounge alone, you can have the fields all to yourself (no kill-steals!)
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  1. I keep getting kicked out of my lounge and I’m not sure why it keeps happening. Please fix this. It has been happening for such a long time that I’m tired of asking my boyfriend to put me in the lounge again.

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