Limit break—a must for your favorite equipment!

Limit break—a must for your favorite equipment!

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You can break the limits of many weapons and armor. Doing so will unlock bonus effects.

These bonus effects can include an increase in ATK/DEF/HP or an extra Magi slot. Each time you perform limit break on a piece of equipment, it will gain a star and one bonus effect. This can be repeated up to a maximum of four stars—giving you a total of four bonus effects.

TIP: A 4-star limit break on Behemoth-summoned equipment will always give you an extra Magi slot.


Types of Lapis

Lapis is a special type of material that’s needed to limit break weapons or armor. Broadly speaking, there are two categories of Lapis—Rainbow and Normal.

The Rainbow Lapis are used to limit break equipment forged from Behemoth Tablets. Normal Lapis are used to limit break equipment obtained via other ways, such as through events.

Rainbow Lapis Normal Lapis
B Rainbow Lapis Shard B Lapis Shard
A Rainbow Lapis A Lapis
S Rainbow High Lapis S High Lapis
SS Rainbow Arc Lapis SS Arc Lapis

Occasionally, you’ll also chance upon some specific Lapis (SS Armor Arc Lapis/SS Sword & Shield Arc Lapis/SS Great Sword Arc Lapis/SS Spear Arc Lapis, etc.) These Lapis are usually given out as event rewards (or sold at the Shop). They can only be used to limit break specific equipment (as indicated in its name). For example, the Armor Arc Lapis is only for limit breaking armor pieces.

Depending on the rank (SS/S/A/B/C) of your equipment, the type and quantity of Lapis needed will be different.

To find out what’s needed to limit break your chosen piece, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Armory
Step 2 - Forge
Step 3 – Enhance Equipment
Step 4 - Choose Equipment
Step 5 - Limit Break Button
Step 6 – Lapis Needed
Step 1 - Access the Armory from your bottom menu

TIP: Sometimes, you do not need Lapis to limit break certain event equipment. Instead, you need special materials that can only be obtained via limited-time events.


How to get Lapis?

To get Lapis, you have to sell Tablets or equipment at the Forge.

Selling Items for Lapis

Some examples:

A Gaia Frogrid Tablet A Rainbow Lapis + Gold
SS Modun Bow
(Bow forged from SS Yggdragis Tablet)
SS Rainbow Arc Lapis + Gold
A Masquerade Dress
(Reward from Hunter Grand Prix: Night Life Edition)
A Lapis + Gold
S Flower Dew Crown
(Equipment obtained from Event)
S High Lapis + Gold


Which equipment should I limit break first?

Your favorite ones. You can gain huge advantages by limit breaking any equipment, regardless of their rank or where you got the equipment from.

The end goal for most Hunters is to limit break a full SS-Rank equipment set. However, Hunters who have just started on their limit breaking journey often employ these strategies:  


1) Prioritize A-Rank equipment

It’s much faster to limit break A-Rank equipment as compared to SS-Rank equipment.

If you are limit breaking a SS equipment, you can use Lapis/Rainbow Lapis of a lower rank (B/A/S)—but you will need more of it.

Limit Break SS Equipment

For instance, to limit break this SS equipment, you’ll need 30 x A Rainbow Lapis OR 10 x S Rainbow High Lapis OR 1 x SS Rainbow Arc Lapis.

Limit Break A Equipment

To limit break this A equipment, you’ll only need one A Rainbow Lapis, or 10 x B Rainbow Lapis Shard. This makes it easier to achieve a 4-star limit break.

And it always feels good to see this screen:

Maxing out your equipment

After limit-breaking your full set of A-Rank equipment, you can then aim to max out an S-Rank equipment set, followed by SS-Rank equipment set.


2) Prioritize armor

For Hunters who want to increase their stats, a sound strategy is to limit break their armor pieces first. In most cases, performing a 4-star limit break on an armor piece gives you an extra Passive (aka Enhance Ability) Magi slot.

Extra Magi Slot

This lets you equip an additional Passive Magi, which can include:

  • Iron Wall Mastery, which raises your DEF
  • Great Sword Mastery, which raises your Great Sword ATK
  • Bountiful Harvest, which raises your max HP

If you achieve a 4-star limit break on all 4 armor pieces, you’ll get a total of 8 Passive Magi slots. That’s opportunity for a massive stats boost.

Now that you know the benefits of limit breaking, it’s time to pick favorites and get started!


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