Heat Weapons

Heat weapons?!?

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Update 1.1.2 saw the introduction of two Heat-type weapons. 
What are they and how are they different? Find out here.

Before Update 1.1.2, all weapons are ‘Normal-type’

You can see this ‘Normal’ label when you’re admiring your weapons in the Armory. Heat Weapons will get their own ‘Heat’ label, which is how you can tell them apart.

Normal vs Heat Weapons


Weapon classes are the same

Heat-type weapons will fall under the same five classes of Sword & Shield, Great Sword, Spear, Dual Blades and Bow.


But Special Actions are different

You know that Special Action which is activated when you tap and hold? That’s different when you’re wielding a Heat weapon.

Weapon Class Special Action (Normal) Special Action (Heat)
Sword & Shield Guard Revenge
Great Sword Cleave Pulverize
Dual Blades Frenzy Overdrive
Spear Lunge Skyfall
Bow Snipe Shot Lockdown

Now let’s take an in-depth look at the Special Actions for Heat Weapons.

Heat Great Sword: Pulverize
Pulverize is basically a 3-Cleave combo.

To activate, tap and hold like when you’re using a normal-type Great Sword. Once the first Cleave is complete, immediately tap again to Cleave a second time. After you’ve landed your second hit, tap the third time for the final Cleave. Timing is important here.

Heat Dual Blades: Overdrive

When you’re wielding Heat Dual Blades, you’ll get a Heat Meter under your HP bar. You’ll always start a battle with the meter full, and you fill it up again by successfully landing attacks.

If the Heat Meter is at least 50% full, you can tap and hold to activate Overdrive. This increases your attack speed, move speed and dodge distance. Every 7 continuous hits in Overdrive mode also gives you approximately 50% increase in DMG.

Once you activate Overdrive, the Heat Meter will decline over time. Overdrive ends once the meter is empty.

Heat Bow: Lockdown
When you wield the Heat Bow, you’ll see a Heat Meter which fills up when you successfully land attacks on targeted areas.

When you tap and hold to aim, you’ll be presented with multiple targets (depending on the Behemoth). Whenever you successfully hit a target, you’ll fill up your Heat Meter.

Once all targets are hit and your meter is full, Lockdown mode will be activated and the Behemoth will be immobilized for a while—perfect time for you to launch plenty of quick bow attacks for maximum impact.


Heat Sword & Shield: Revenge
When you’re wielding Heat Sword & Shield, you’ll get a Heat Meter. This meter is charged whenever you successfully block an attack.

Once the Heat Meter is full, just tap and hold to unleash a powerful revenge attack!

Heat Spear: Skyfall
Skyfall is exactly what its name suggests—you’ll fly up in the sky, and fall spear-first on your opponent.

When you wield the Heat Spear, you’ll see a Heat Meter which fills up when you successfully land attacks. When you tap and hold, you’ll be able to aim your attack. Once that’s done, release your finger to activate.

The fuller your Heat Meter, the stronger your attack.


How to forge Heat weapons?
Here are some Behemoths to summon and slay for Heat weapons.

Behemoth to slay Weapon Name
(Before Evolution)
Weapon Type & Class
SS Empithon SS Blackfire Blades Heat Dual Blades
SS Galdrux SS Gargoyle’s Blade Heat Great Sword
SS Lightning Abaia SS Abaia’s Strike Heat Sword & Shield
SS Chasm Mudigger SS Erebus’ Seal Heat Bow
SS Vemerphose SS Papillon Lance Heat Spear

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