Game Modes

Missions, Quests, and Events

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Dragon Project features plenty of game modes to keep every type of player excited.

Here’s a quick overview so you won’t miss out on the fun!

1. Missions
2. Quests
3. Events

1. Missions

Story Missions
Like all RPGs, there are Story Missions. Story Missions are assigned to you by Pamela and they take you through the main storyline of the game.

Usually, you’ll be tasked to collect a particular material (by killing a specific monster), or to battle Behemoths. Completing missions will earn you Gems, Gold and EXP (which will help you level up).

Side Missions

There are also Side Missions. These are usually assigned to you by someone else other than Pamela and they are rather straightforward: go to this area to kill this monster and collect a certain amount of specific material.

Story and Side Missions

Daily and Weekly Missions
Just like their names suggest, these are missions that you have to complete within the day, or within the week. These missions are not difficult—they are usually about battling Behemoths, using a particular weapon or strengthening a weapon.

For Daily Missions, you are usually rewarded with potions or Magi materials, as well as EXP. Weekly Missions are worth spending time on because you’ll be rewarded with Summon Tickets. You can use them to Summon Behemoths, which will get you the materials you need to forge equipment. Continue reading on to find out more about Behemoth quests.

Daily & Weekly Missions


2. Quests

Quests are basically multiplayer co-op battles where 4 Hunters fight against 1 Behemoth (aka boss monster). To join a Behemoth Quest, just walk towards Axel in Town.

Behemoth Quests are a major part in the game, because it is how Hunters get new and better equipment. Strong Behemoths give you strong weapons.

There are 3 types of Behemoth Quests: Available Quests, My Quests, Shadow Quests.

Axel's Quests

Available Quests
These are open quests hosted by other Hunters. (Remember, each Behemoth battle needs 4 Hunters.) By participating, you will earn materials to enhance equipment, but you will probably not earn Tablets (unless you are really lucky), which is essential for forging equipment.

Your Quests
These are Quests that you can host, because you managed to summon a particular Behemoth. Because you are the host, you will get a Tablet when you defeat the Behemoth. Tablets are valuable because you need them to forge a new piece of weapon or armor.

For example, if you summon and defeat the SS Behemoth Paradise Houran, you’ll get the Paradise Houran Tablet. You can choose to use the Tablet + Spear Crystal to forge the SS Dawn’s Dance (Spear), or use the Tablet + Headgear Crystal to forge the SS Dawn’s Head Piece (Headgear), or use the Tablet + Body Armor Crystal to forge the SS Dawn’s Armor (Body Armor), etc.

This also means that if you wish to forge the complete SS Dawn Set, you will need to summon and defeat SS Behemoth Paradise Houran five times.

Shadow Quests

These are when you battle Shadow versions of the Behemoth (e.g. Shadow Felnarog instead of Deus Felnarog).

Doing Shadow Quests will earn you the materials needed to enhance (level up) your equipment, but not those that you need to forge the equipment (e.g. Tablet).

Tip: Use Luck Potions to double the amount of materials dropped!


3. Events

Events are game modes that are released for a limited time only.


These include:

Story Events
The gameplay for Story Events is similar to the main Story Missions, but it is on a different map. Think of it as Hunters travelling to a different part of the Kingdom for a special work assignment.

If you’re into the story part of the game, you’ll enjoying learning more about the different characters. If you’re into getting unique equipment, you’ll love the opportunity to battle new Behemoths and obtain event-specific equipment (which always looks great).


Expedition is a really exciting game mode that really puts your teamwork to the test. To participate, you must form an expedition party with 3 other Hunters. (Do so with your friends, or be grouped randomly with other Hunters.) Your party will be given an expedition map and you’ll have to work together to hunt down and defeat a Behemoth within the time limit.

Expeditions are great because they give you exclusive materials that are needed to evolve SS equipment—so that you can wield the most powerful weapons around.

Material Events

Material Events have a singular purpose—obtain materials from a specific A- or B-ranked Behemoth. Every weekday, you’ll see Material Events for different Behemoths. (e.g. Frogrid on Mondays, Fu Fu on Tuesdays, etc.)

These events are great for people who want to focus their efforts on collecting materials to enhance equipment forged from these Behemoths.


These are just the events that are currently available. A little dragon told us that there are plenty more events to come…

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    1. Hello DCAMPUBVZB,

      You can find out more about Arena here.
      Why battle other players when there’s more glory in battling Behemoths? 😉

      1. Because we need more ways of gaining gems and pvp would be the perfect way to implement a more steady source of gems. And as people putting time and hard work into our weapons, we want to test it against other hunters. Honestly, in a world of hunters I would expect there to be at least “underground” fights against each other for money…and Axel would know about them. Maybe wants to be sure your strong enough for it so doesn’t tell you about it until lvl. 120. I finished the main story and events for right now and all I have for gems is sub quests…but after that I have to wait until the next event. A pvp function with gem rewards occasionally would solve this lack of gems I’ve fallen into. And I get it…you want people to buy packs, and I would if I had the money, but I don’t have money I blow on anything but my bills.

  1. im having a confusion playing this game can you please me a more specific guidline to play this on my email if possoble thank you

  2. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for this amazing game am playing this game for one month and I finish area 9 I was wondering if there will side or story missions in the future. Specially is hard to continue in event missions am stuck because it’s getting harder after each mission.

  3. When you do all the missions the achivement about dragon plateau comes up how do i do those missions

    1. Hi Genocide,

      It usually takes about 4 days. However, we’re only awarding rewards for this round next week because the team is fixing a bug (that affects one of the rewards). Do check our Facebook page for updates. Thanks very much for your patience.

  4. Hi, i have searched quite alot but cannot find event times. Specificity “the puppeteers and the hunters”. I seem to always miss it to tell when its on. Thank you

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