Forging New Equipment

Forging logic

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To understand forging, you’ll first need to know this basic formula.

Basic Forging Formula

Tablet + Crystal = Equipment

Next, let’s look at the individual parts of this formula.



The Tablet is what gives your weapons and armor its power and strength.

You get a Tablet when you slay a powerful monster known as a Behemoth. Tablets contain the spirit of the Behemoth.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to summon Behemoths and battle them for their tablets, read this how-to guide.

Slay Behemoth, Get Tablet



While the Behemoth tablet gives weapons or armor its power, the Crystal gives them its form.

That’s why you need a Bow Crystal to forge a Bow, the Body Armor Crystal to forge a Body Armor, the Arm Guards Crystal to forge an Arm Guard and so on.

Forging Crystals

You can get Crystals by mining or gathering in open fields. You can also get them at Pikke’s Shop, but you’ll have to spend some Pikke Points (You get Pikke Points from slaying Behemoths).

How to Get Crystals



Equipment refers to weapons and armor that Hunters wear. They provide power, protection and style.

Weapons can be in either one of these five classes: Sword & Shield, Great Sword, Spear, Dual Blades or Bow. Armor can mean a piece of Headgear, Body Armor, Arm Guards or Leg Armor.

Three points to note:

1. Each Behemoth is destined for only one weapon class.
For instance, you use the SS Yggdragis Tablet to forge a Bow, the SS Modun Bow. It cannot be used to forge a Sword & Shield, Great Sword, Spear, or Dual Blades.

On the other hand, the A Gaia Frogrid Tablet is used to forge a Great Sword, the A Frogrid Sword.

2. Each Behemoth can give you one weapon and four pieces of armor.
Forgable Equipment

However, based on the basic forging formula (Tablet + Crystal = Equipment), you need 1 Tablet + 1 Crystal for each piece of equipment.

That means that to forge the complete equipment set, you need 5 Tablets + 5 Crystals.

For instance, if you want the complete Modun Set from SS Yggdragis, you have to summon and slay SS Yggdragis five times. That gives you five SS Yggdragis Tablets to forge the complete set.

Tip: To see equipment you can forge from a particular Behemoth, tap on ‘Reward Preview’ on the ‘Summon’ or ‘My Quests’ screens.

3. Get the complete set to stack abilities
When you are equipped with the full set, you don’t just look good. You’re also able to stack abilities.

For instance, if you’re equipped with the complete Modun Set from SS Yggdragis, you’re able to stack the ability of ‘Mortal Flame’ across your weapon and four pieces of armor, which increases your Bow Snipe Shot damage.

And of course, you’ll also look really good.

Modun Set

Look at the gorgeous Hunter on the right dressed in the complete Modun Set from SS Yggdragis!

We’ve used the SS Yggdragis as an example here, but the same underlying concept applies for all Behemoths!

Now that you know more about forging, here’s a step-by-step tutorial to show you how it’s done!

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    1. Not quite what you’re asking for…but apart from normal-type and heat-type weapons, we do have another weapon type coming up…

      1. He asling if you will introduce totally new weapon types, like knuckles, hammers, guns, rifles, crossbows, chain scythes, bombs, mage staffs

        1. @Tamanegi Thanks for translating! Unfortunately, there are no plans to introduce such weapon types at the moment (◕︵◕).

          But as we said, we think the upcoming weapon type (after normal & heat type) will be exciting, and we hope you guys think so too!

  1. when I get an ss what should I use it for?
    Ive gotten 2 and I’ve used them both for weapons but should I have used them for amor?
    and if I get another ss. (please give me one dragon project. I will spend money if u do) what should I use it on? gloves? pants?


      The choice is up to your personal preferences and playstyle, but here are some things Hunters consider:

      – Does the SS (Behemoth) give me a weapon class (e.g. spear) that I like to use?
      – Does the SS (Behemoth) have an element that matches my current weapon so I can create a complete set? (Learn more about elements here)
      – If I already like my SS weapon, perhaps this will make a good armor?
      – Does the SS (Behemoth) give me armor with abilities that I like?
      – Should I focus and roll more to get a complete set from this SS that I really like?

      You don’t have to worry too much about making the wrong decisions, especially since you have 6 equipment slots in your Hunter’s Closet to customize. Just go with your Hunter’s Gut!

      Good luck with your summons!
      P.S: Did you know you’ll get a guaranteed SS if you use Gems to summon 5x(10+1)?

      1. thank you
        I got chasm muddier (ss)
        I already have s armour but a pants and gloves.
        should I use it for pants or gloves
        or use it on the armour that gives a bigger bonus?

      2. My 5x(10+1) is 7% chance of getting an ss behemot.
        but i didn’t get an ss behemot from 10+1 summon and it’s happen twice.
        can u provide me an answer?
        Because i think,wasting my gems on that.

  2. hello, do i have to use the weapon as well to get the bonus abilities (for full set)? Or will it work without using the weapon?

  3. Hi Kashtan & Gon,

    Apologies, we meant that you are able to stack the abilities for greater impact. We have edited the post to clarify this.

  4. Do you get bonus for double or tripling up on the same SS weapon?
    getting 7 for the set instead of 5

    1. You’ll get to stack the abilities! Tap on ‘Abilities’ in the Armory screen and you’ll see your total equipment abilities which increases with three of the same SS weapons.

  5. Hi Hunter, I just confused with how and where I can get item Shard Dragonfish Horn is. Written in descriptions that “the item cant be obtained from any available quests”.

    1. Hi Saprut,

      Are you referring to the Sharp Dragonfish Horn? Please be patient…it will be available in a future story event.

    1. Hi Draagon,

      We would suggest that you build your character according to elements that complement each other. Do read this article about battling smart with the elements here.

    1. Hi BigMike,

      You can get Ability Crystals by defeating Behemoths in an Expedition. For Leonids’ Ability Crystals, take part in the ‘Manic Azdaja Expedition’.

      Learn more from this video (you’ll have to join the Closed FB Group to view)

  6. is there a way to make a weap that have no elemental effect to actually have one? if by clicking the weapon before fighting the behemoth i summoned, theres 3 level of evolution. i evolved my frogrid weap and even maxed. which i thought there is a next evolution for elemental.

    1. Hi Syafiq,

      Yes, you’re able to pick an elemental when you are evolving some weapons. So if you pick the elemental evolve, your equipment will gain an element.

  7. The thing is i have slain 5 morphose and i never got a tablet to forge armor or weapons, do i need a ss crystal then or is it something else

    1. Hi Jethro,

      Thanks for your message. Did you summon those Morphoses? You only get Tablets for defeating Behemoths that you summon.

      If you did indeed summon those Behemoths, please submit a support ticket so that the team can check.

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