Ultimate Guide for Absolute Beginners

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

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Just started? Completely clueless? We’re here to help with a quick overview of the basics.

1. An Introduction
2. Ranks
3. Weapons
4. Armor
5. Monsters
6. Magi

1. An Introduction

You’re a Hunter and your job is to hunt down and slay monsters for their parts. These monster parts are materials that you can use to forge and upgrade weapons and armor.

In other words:

Slay monsters → Get materials → Forge/Enhance weapons → Repeat

This monster-slaying action RPG has two awesome features that set it apart:

Multiplayer co-operative play
You’ll team up with 3 other players in real-time battles against Behemoths aka boss monsters. I repeat…this is real-time battle between 4 players and 1 Behemoth! It doesn’t get more exciting than this.

One-finger gameplay controls
Gameplay controls are so intuitive, you can play the entire game with just one finger. Watch the video below to find out exactly how easy this is.


2. Ranks: SS, S, A, B, C, D

Dragon Project uses the Japanese ranking system (SS/S/A/B/C/D). You’ll see these letters everywhere in the game and they are used to rank everything from Behemoths to weapons, armor and materials.

All you need to know is SS is the highest rank, followed by S, A, B, C, and finally D.

P.S: There are no C- or D-ranked Behemoths. These rankings are only used for materials.


3. Weapons

There are five classes of weapons: Sword & Shield, Great Sword, Spear, Dual Blades and Bow.

Weapon Classes

Each class of weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, and its own unique Special Action (which is activated when you tap and hold). Once you’ve been playing for a while, you’ll probably have a favourite weapon class.


4. Armor

There are four types of armor: Headgear, Body Armor, Arm Guards and Leg Armor.

Armor Types

The full equipment set (weapon + headgear + arm guard + body armor + leg armor) also determines how your character looks. So if you want to look good, get good-looking armor.

The powerful (higher-ranked) armor are often the better-looking ones, so there’s no need to choose between power or looks.


5. Monsters

Dragon Project is all about slaying monsters. You’ll encounter some  Minion or Fiends monsters in the field, but the ones you really need to care about are the Behemoths. This is because you need to kill them to forge good equipment—weapons and armor.

Behemoths are the boss monsters and each of them comes with a letter rank: SS, S, A or B. SS-ranked Behemoths are the rarest and most coveted, followed by S, then A and finally B.

To battle Behemoths, you’ll first need to summon them. And to summon them, you’ll need either Gems or Summon Tickets.

Once you’ve summoned a Behemoth, go to Quests (where Axel is) in Town to battle it for its tablet.

Summon and Battle Behemoths

Successfully defeat an SS-ranked Behemoth to get a Tablet that can be used to forge an SS-ranked weapon or armor. The same concept applies when you summon and defeat an A-ranked Behemoth—you’ll get a Tablet that can be used to forge an A-ranked weapon or armor.


6. Magi

Magi is a stone that you insert into your weapon or armor to equip it with a magical skill. You also get Magi by summoning, which costs you Gems.

There are 4 types of Magi: Attack, Support, Recovery and Passive.


Each type of Magi has a different shape. You can only insert it if the shape matches the Magi slot in your equipment. During gameplay, your Magi gauge will fill up over time. Once it’s full, you can tap on it to unleash its magical skill.

Now that you have a rough idea about what Dragon Project gameplay is all about, let’s move on to the different types of Game Modes it offers.

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  1. Playing the game on my iPhone X and loving so far! Was wondering if you guys are going to add iPhone X support so the screen fills and doesn’t have just black on the top and bottom? If so, when?

    1. Hi Keiler, glad to hear that you’re loving it so far. Unfortunately, that’s not our biggest priority right now 🙁

  2. Thank you for the basic run down tells alot. One thing that would be nice to know would be all combo actions (Dodge attacks)

  3. thanks for this guidlines , ill start playing this game this week that why im checking the website and the goodthing is you this for begginers thank you.

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