Beast Tower

The Beast Tower of No Return

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Beast Tower is a competitive co-op event featuring a tower with at least 100 floors of Behemoths.

How it works

The Behemoths must be defeated in multiple battles. Each battle will feature five floors of Behemoths, and your party of four must defeat them in succession—and within the time limit.

Beast Tower Intro

*You cannot join a Beast Tower battle that’s already in progress, so be sure to form a complete hunting party before starting.

Earn Gold, Gems, Materials and Equipment

Beast Tower offers two types of rewards: Floor Rewards and Point Rewards.

Floor Rewards include Gold and Gems, which you will earn when you clear a floor of Behemoth for the first time.

You will earn points for taking part in Beast Tower battles. Once you’ve accumulated a certain amount of points, you will receive Point Rewards. For instance, you may get a B Magi Stone for reaching 100 points, Galena Heart for reaching 200 points, and a piece of event-exclusive weapon for reaching 1,000 points.

Beast Tower Point Rewards

Enhance, evolve and fuse your event-exclusive weapons

Beast Tower typically offers two event-exclusive weapons of the same class as Point Rewards. If you enhance and evolve the two weapons separately, you can achieve a second evolution by fusing them together.

For instance, in the first edition of The Beast Tower of No Return: Xmas Festival, you can get the SS Festa de Noel. This event-exclusive Dual Blades has two innate abilities, Festive Chorus (increases move speed) and Earth Hymn (increases earth DMG).

Here’s how:

    1. Receive A Silence Edge (Dual Blades) when you accumulate 1,000 points
    2. Enhance and evolve A Silence Edge into S Festa Bringer


    1. Receive A Twinkle Edge (Dual Blades) when you accumulate 30,000 points
    2. Enhance and evolve A Twinkle Edge into S Noel Bringer


    1. Fully enhance S Festa Bringer and S Noel Bringer


  1. Fuse S Festa Bringer and S Noel Bringer to achieve a second evolution and obtain SS Festa de Noel.


Rise up to the challenge. Take down the tower.

The Beast Tower and its mysterious sinister energy is not for the weak. It takes courage, resilience and teamwork.

Form your hunting party. Take down the entire tower. And be revered by the entire Altair community. Good luck, Hunters.


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  1. Hi guys
    This game is great, but its … I dont know but something is so weird. I mean its so hard to communicate “voice chat” should be great to add “in game”. “Party” should be a big evolution for this game too since I’ve invited a lots of friends and classmate. But after a few days…well I asked them “hows the game?” Ok they said its a great game, what is good but …this game is not only a great game, it deserve to make them to say” Woah what a game!!! So what will we do tonight? Hunt some behemonths together? Do quest together?”…No!!! Cuz this game is too hard too comunnicate or hunting together without getting someone lost…
    Well :)) what a story there
    But still thank you devolopers thank you all the team support to made this game. This game is great!

    1. Thank you, Shijru. Some Hunters are using other apps for voice chat (e.g. Discord). Maybe that’ll help you and your hunting party.

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