Basic Battle Guide

Battle basics

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Here’s a basic battle guide for those who’re new to the game.

Behemoth battles can occur in two ways. The first is when you initiate a battle under ‘Quests’. The second is when you have a sudden encounter with a Behemoth in an open field.

Sudden Behemoth Encounter

Behemoths are giant boss monsters. Defeating them gives you the materials to forge powerful weapons and armor. These boss monsters are huge, so each battle is always between 4 players vs 1 monster.

If you need a refresher on gameplay controls, this is the video you should watch:

The one-touch controls may be easy, but seasoned players know that you need real skills to win a battle. Tapping constantly won’t help if you’re doing it mindlessly.

Experience is the best way to learn, but here are some tips to get you started.


You can change weapons during battle

You can equip up to three weapons (in the Armory) at one time, and you can swap weapons mid-battle. Changing weapons will take some precious seconds but it can be worth it.

For instance, you may decide mid-battle (after observation) that the best way to defeat a particular Behemoth is from a distance, with a bow.

Change Weapon


Attack weak points to fatigue the Behemoth

During battle, you may occasionally see a WEAK target marker. Always, always try your best to attack the Behemoth at those points.

Weak Point

Each time someone from your party successfully hits the Behemoth’s weak point, the fatigue gauge fills up. And once the fatigue gauge is full, the Behemoth will slump to the ground, fatigued.

Fatigued Behemoth

This give you the golden opportunity to attack it freely. When the Behemoth enters the fatigue stage, the fatigue gauge will start to decline. Once it empties, the Behemoth will get up again.


Break parts for more material rewards

Sometimes you may break parts of a Behemoth during battle. This is a good thing, as you’ll get them as battle rewards.

Break Parts


Be a good ally. Revive fallen Hunters.

A fallen Hunter can be revived by allies. If you fall, you can get your allies’ attention with the ‘Heal Me’ stamp. Once an ally enters your glowing circle, a ‘Reviving’ meter will appear and start filling up. When it is full, you will be revived.


If no one comes to your aid, you can do a Gem Revive with 3 Gems.

TIP: If you do a Gem Revive, you will be revived with full Magi gauges. If you are revived by an ally, your Magi gauges will be empty.

Always try to revive your fellow Hunters. You’ll get good karma plus a helping hand to defeat the Behemoth. Be mean to monsters, not to each other!

As mentioned, the best way to pick up battle skills is to take part in them. So go summon some Behemoths and battle them now!

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  1. bosses sometimes have a blue spear icon when they’re charging an attack. What does that mean? does dodging have iframe?

    1. Hi Minh,

      If you see the blue spear icon, it means that if you attack that point with a spear, you can cancel the Behemoth boss’s ultimate attack. You’ll also see other icons of other weapon classes (e.g. Great Sword) depending on which Behemoth you are battling. Nope, no iframe for dodging.

  2. I think dodging does give iframe for like 1/4 of a second. I dodge through attacks sometimes. thank you for the speedy reply.

    1. Those are random, but slaying monsters on the field gives you a higher chance of encountering one. So stop waiting and start slaying!

  3. does anybody know how to complete chapter 1 section 6 mission ( poisonous fungo ) hold your breath

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