All About Magi

All about Magi

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Magi is a special stone that contains a skill.

When you insert a compatible Magi into your equipment’s Magi slot, it will magically gain that skill. Magi is just as important as your weapon or armor and should not be neglected. The right Magi can be the difference between you winning or losing a battle.


Magi Types

There are four types of Magi, and each Magi also has their own SS/S/A/B ranking.


Attack Magi deals damage when activated. Most attack Magi have an element, so do take note of that when you are strategizing for battle.

Support Magi usually gives you a temporary benefit; for example, a limited-time boost in attack or defense.

Recovery Magi is for healing. The highly-ranked SS recovery Magi usually restores HP not just for you, but also your nearby allies.

Passive Magi are what you equip into your armor. They are passive because unlike Attack/Support/Recovery Magi, they do not need to be activated. These Magi are often overlooked, but are actually very important because they enhance your stats (increase HP/attack/defense).


Using Magi

To use a Magi, you’ll first have to insert it into your weapon or armor. Each piece of equipment has pre-determined Magi slots, and you can only insert Magi that are compatible with those slots.

Magi Slot

When you’re in the field or in battle, you’ll see your Magi gauge on the right side of the screen. Once the gauge is full, just tap to activate it.

Activate Magi

It’s good to find a safe place and strategic time to activate your Magi, because:

• The range of attack is different for different Attack Magi. Some require you to be near the monster, but others can reach targets a distance away.

• Your Magi skills can be nullified by the monster. You wouldn’t want that to happen if you’re activating a recovery Magi and you’re almost out of HP.


Enhancing Magi

Just like your equipment, you can enhance your Magi (Armory —> Forge —> Enhance Magi). To do so, you have to fuse it with Magi Fragment, Magi Residue, Magi Sand or other Magi.

Enhance Magi

For each fusion, you can use up to 10 other Magi materials. And when you fuse it with higher-ranked materials (e.g. S-ranked Magi), the level jumps higher.


Awakening Magi

You can awaken your Attack/Recovery/Support Magi after you have enhanced it to the maximum level.

Awakening a Magi reduces the time it takes to charge. The Magi gauge will fill up faster, and you can activate the Magi skill in the field faster.

Awakening your Magi is similar to enhancing it. However, you need to fuse it with either actual Magi stones of the same type (Attack/Recovery/Support) or Passive Magi. Magi Fragments, Magi Residue and Magi Sand cannot be used for awakening.

To awaken… Use…
Attack Magi Attack or Passive Magi
Recovery Magi Recovery or Passive Magi
Support Magi Support or Passive Magi


There are ten levels of awakening, and each level will give you a 2% increase in charging speed.

Awaken Magi


Unlocking Extra Magi Slots

Depending on the weapon, you can unlock an additional Magi slot when you limit break your weapon (4 stars). To limit break, you’ll need Lapis, which you can get by selling unwanted your equipment or Tablets in the Forge.

Extra Magi Slot when you Limit Break


Summoning Magi

To get a Magi, you have to summon it (Summon —> To Magi). 15 Gems will get you one Magi while 150 Gems will get you 10+1 Magi (with at least one S-ranked Magi).

Summoning Magi

Every few weeks, new batches of SS Magi will be released into the summon pool. It’s always a good idea to try your luck at summoning them to get the best ones.

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  1. Can you tell me about enhancing a magical had full level please ? , because it sometimes allowes you to continue enhancing with adding some abilities in several of your character levels

    1. Hi Thien! Thanks for your comment.

      You are right— after you enhance your Magi to its maximum level, you can sometimes awaken it.

      Awakening a Magi will give it extra powers. For example, sometimes awakening will reduces your Magi charge time, so you can activate it faster. There are multiple levels of awakening. For example, Level 40/40 + 4 means you have awakened it for 4 levels.

      To awaken your Magi, you need to use other Magi. (Magi Shards and Fragments won’t work.)

      Hope this helps!

  2. What does it mean when it displays that a Magi stone is “Ready To Be Awakened” or “Awakenable” and what is the process to do so?

    1. Hi Odysseus, we just updated the article to include information about awakening! (Scroll up, it’s right under the enhancing Magi portion) Hope this answers your question!

    1. Hi Swordcloud, you can summon Magi by tapping on the ‘Summon’ button on the bottom menu in the Town Scene, followed by ‘To Magi’.

  3. Is there any useful magi combos that will give the rotating shields,or high attack levels or even ranged weapons(almost like having a gun) etc etc

  4. If the magi doesn’t display ‘awakenable’,but still you enhanced it at max, what’s gonna happen?

    1. Hi Mega, is that a Passive (Yellow) Magi?

      You can only awaken Attack/Recovery/Support Magi. This is because awakening a Magi reduces the charge time and Passive Magi doesn’t have any charge time.

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