Got A-ranked Behemoths? Don’t be sad. Here’s why…

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We all want SS- or S-ranked Behemoths. But here’s why A- and B- Behemoths are also great.

You’ll need their materials to enhance SS- and S- equipment

When you battle Behemoths, you don’t just get their Tablets. You’ll also get material drops from them, and for A- and B-ranked Behemoths, these often include the common materials—materials that you’ll need to evolve all kinds of weapon or armor.

Here’s an example. Take a look at the materials needed to enhance these two weapons from Level 1 to Level 40:

S Gordmagia Glaive
(Heat Great Sword)
SS Boundless: Bushi Slayer
(Soul Great Sword)
45 x Storm Soldier Arm Piece

24 x Storm Soldier Armor Piece

14 x Storm Soldier Chest Armor

4 x Storm Soldier Magic Core

74 x Samurai’s Black Tunic

29 x Samurai’s Claw Gauntlet

18 x Samurai’s Mask of Hate

6 x Samurai’s Demonic Flame

15 x Fungo Cap

15 x Vacca Horns

14 x Jelly Dew

14 x Galena Heart

13 x Froggo Oil

27 x Fungo Cap

23 x Vacca Horns

21 x Jelly Dew

20 x Galena Heart

20 x Froggo Oil

You’ll notice that there are two categories of materials needed. The first category are materials from the Behemoth that you defeated to forge the weapon, and the second category are the common materials.


Here’s where to obtain these common materials:

Material Dropped from Behemoth
Fungo Cap A Water Dofungos
B Gaia Dofungos
Vacca Horns A Igni Vaccahorn
B Gaia Vaccahorn
Jelly Dew A Thunder Grouton
B Igni Grouton
Galena Heart A Igni Galidon
B Thunder Galidon
Froggo Oil A Gaia Frogrid
B Water Frogrid

Although these common materials can also be obtained by farming (slaying minion monsters) in the open fields, you’ll get more of them by defeating A- or B-ranked Behemoths.


This is just one example and the exact common materials needed may differ for different weapons—however, the same principle applies. When you defeat A- and B-ranked Behemoths, you’ll get the materials drops that will be useful for enhancing the SS- and S-ranked equipment you wish to keep.


TIP: Consume luck potion or luck elixir before battling these A- and B-ranked Behemoths for extra material drops!

Sell their Tablets for Lapis to limit break SS- or S- equipment

Selling Items

Selling B-ranked Behemoths Tablets will get you B Rainbow Lapis Shard, while selling A-ranked Behemoth Tablets will get you A Rainbow Lapis.


You can use these Rainbow Lapis to limit break the SS- and S- equipment that you love, and unlock bonus effects. Learn more about limit breaking here.


TL;DR: Use your A- and B-ranked Behemoths to max out the SS- and S- equipment you love.


TIP: When you use Gems to summon 5x (10+1) Behemoths, you’ll be guaranteed an SS Behemoth. So don’t lose hope! (The SS guarantee applies regardless of which Behemoth summon pool you choose.)

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