Five Tips for Newbies

5 simple tips for newbies

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New to Dragon Project? Read this for five simple tips that’ll help you in your journey ahead.

1. Claim your gifts

Everything that you receive in the game goes to the Gift Box first. This includes the rewards you get for clearing a Mission, as well as the bonus gift for logging into the game.

You cannot use the items in the Gift Box until you have claimed it and transferred it into your inventory. So make sure you tap on your Gift Box and claim your gifts occasionally. You wouldn’t want them to expire!

Claim Gifts


2. Summon Tickets can only be used for Behemoths, but Gems can be used for both Behemoths and Magi.

To summon a Behemoth Quests, you can use either Gems or Summon Tickets. But to summon Magi for your equipment, you can only use Gems.

To use Summon Tickets to summon Behemoths, scroll down. There’s usually more than one summon pool available, so take your time to look at the Behemoths in each pool. Summon Tickets also have an expiry date—use them quickly!

Use Summon Tickets for Behemoths

Tip: Don’t have enough Summon Tickets? Work on those Weekly Missions!


3. Enhance your equipment

Far too many beginners focus on completing story missions to gain EXP and level up. But do make sure you don’t neglect upgrading and evolving your weapons and armor. They are more important when it comes to defeating powerful Behemoths.

Here’s an example: when you summon a Behemoth for battle, you will receive one that is of a similar level as you. (If you are level 20, you’ll probably receive a Behemoth that’s around Level 20–40.) That means if you have a high level but weak equipment, you’ll definitely have trouble defeating it.

Enhance Equipment

4. Look out for the target icon

When you’re out completing a Mission, it’s easy to forget which monster you’re supposed to slay for the materials you need. When that happens, let the yellow target icon guide you along!

Target Mark


5. Like Dragon Project on Facebook

If you’re a fan of freebies (who isn’t?), you need to click the ‘Like’ button now.

The Dragon Project Facebook page has a good history of hosting the occasional Gems or Summon Tickets giveaways when fans like or share a post.

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      1. Can never get a SS weapon so disappointing. But my lucky husband gets it all!!! Only giving it one more day

  1. Love the game. Wish it would stop kicking me off the game. The connecting to the server is a problem. Fix this please.

    1. Hi Wileye, the team is working on it and we truly appreciate your patience while we fix these issues. Hope to be able to give you more fun and less frustration soon.

      1. I need some help, I’m stuck in the giftbox and the tutorial won’t let me skip pressing the gift box. I claimed everything there but I just can’t exit the gift box

  2. Diggin’ it. I wanted a reprieve from all the Build/Expand/War games and this is perfect so far. Though I may need to get an ipad because it seems like it would be a lot better in a larger format than my phone.

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